Brief history of the academy. Main dates and events.

1944 – Crimean Pedagogical College was established. It was one of the first special secondary school on training pedagogical stuff. School section,( in 1944), preschool branch (1955), music and pedagogical branch(1957). Extramural form of study was introduced in 1965.

1994 - Crimean Pedagogical College defines the status of Pedagogical college in Yalta by decision of Attestation Commission of Ukraine.

1998- Pedagogical college in Yalta was declared as educational institution of the II-level of accreditation.

1998 - Crimean University for the Humanities was established by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1411 on the basis of Pedagogical college in Yalta and branch in Yevpatoriya of Pedagogical college in Simferopol.

2005 - Crimean University for the Humanities was recognised as higher educational establishment of the III-level of accreditation.

2010 – Four institutions were created: Institute of social Sciences in Yevpatoriya, Institute of pedagogics, psychology and inclusive education, Institute of Economics and management, Institute of Philology, history and arts.

2015 – It was decided to create university on the basis of seven educational organizations (including separate structural units) and seven scientific organizations, including Crimean University for the Humanities (Humanities and Education Science Academy).